New England Confederation

The United Colonies of New England, commonly known as the New England Confederation, was a short-lived military alliance of the English colonies of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven. Its primary purpose was to unite the Puritan colonies in support of the church, and for defense against the Native Americans and the Dutch colonies. It was established as a direct result of a war that started between the Mohegan and Narragansetts. Its charter provided for the return of fugitive criminals and indentured servants, and served as a forum for resolving inter-colonial disputes. In practice, none of the goals were accomplished.

The confederation was weakened in 1654 after Massachusetts refused to join the war against the Netherlands during the First Anglo-Dutch War. However, the confederation regained importance during King Philip's War in 1675. The confederation dissolved after the revocation of the members charters in the early 1680s.

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