Classic Las Vegas -- "They Came to Rob Las Vegas"

Lady Jane, May 12 2012

Few cities in the United States have torn down and replaced as many hotels as Las Vegas. Most of the original casinos and resorts have long since been imploded by enterprising real estate tycoons. While the status of the city has not suffered for it, the classic ambience of the town has somewhat been replaced.

The website Classic Las Vegas is dedicated to preserving the memory of old Las Vegas. In one of my favorite posts, they direct the viewer to footage of a 1968 movie called They Came to Rob Las Vegas. The movie begins with a night drive down the strip, as it appeared at that time.

I find it absolutely fascinating. I wish there was a way to make that bygone drive myself, in a time when suits were worn for recreation and the air was filled with smoke. The days of that era were very numbered by the late 1960s, but there's no hint of it here.

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