Campaign Trail Results: Game #24107

This Game:

  • Year: 2012
  • Player Candidate: Barack Obama
  • Running Mate: Hillary Clinton
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Barack Obama37168,842,28353.12
---- Mitt Romney16759,555,34145.96
---- Gary Johnson0851,8620.66
---- Jill Stein0340,7780.26


  • Tennessee:6
  • Montana:4
  • Arkansas:1
  • North Carolina:1


  • A recent Supreme Court decision affirmed an Arizona law allowing officers to check suspected illegal immigrants for proof of immigration status. Do you think this law is a good idea?
    This is an unconscionable violation of civil rights and will certainly lead to racial profiling.
  • Should the United States have been so quick to drop its support for Hosni Mubarak in 2011, given recent events in Egypt?
    That's a great question. It's hard to speculate on what might have been, but it at time it seemed clear that Mubarak had to go.
  • In November 2011, Ohio voters rejected a law to limit collective bargaining power for public unions. Do public sector unions such as teachers' and police unions have too much bargaining power?
    I support the hardworking teachers and firefighters of Ohio and elsewhere.
  • What is your position on gay marriage?
    Gay marriage should be protected at the federal level. The Defense of Marriage Act should be repealed.
  • Do you support allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire for high-income households at the end of 2012?
    We should keep the tax cuts as is for the foreseeable future. I don't think it's sound economics to rise taxes on this group.
  • Will you launch an air campaign against Iranian nuclear sites if diplomatic negotiations continue to yield minimal results?
    Of course I will always act in the best interests of the United States. We are keeping all options on the table, but it's irresponsible at this point to go into further details.
  • What is your opinion on directing some Department of Education funding towards a school voucher program?
    This practice undermines our public education system, and should not be permitted.
  • In general, do you think bilingual education programs are a good idea?
    Absolutely. It it discriminatory not to allow American students to learn in their native languages.
  • Should all private insurance plans be required to cover contraceptives and birth control?
    Perhaps if someone really wants to object, there can be a process for them to obtain a religious exemption.
  • The Affordable Care Act (i.e. 'Obamacare') will cap annual premiums, require minimum coverage levels, and outlaw discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. What do you think?
    I'm convinced that this program will work. This is a good compromise allowing private insurers to conduct business, while securing access to health insurance for more Americans. If anything, the increased transparency will reduce insurance costs.
  • Do you think the Death with Dignity Act in Oregon could be a model for broader federal legislation on the issue?
    That's ridiculous. Of course not.
  • Apple's use of cheap, Chinese labor via Foxconn has increased the visibility of labor conditions in that country. Do you think that China competes unfairly with the U.S. by denying basic rights to its workers?
    The U.S.-China relationship has destroyed middle class jobs for close to three decades. We need drastic changes including more protection for American manufacturing.
  • Should the Social Security Trust Fund be purchasing U.S. Treasury bills? Should it be allowed to invest in other bonds and securities to potentially increase its rate of return? Or conversely, should the funds be held in a 'lockbox' to guarantee benefit payments?
    I think anyone who has managed money can tell you there is a place for U.S. Treasuries in any professional portfolio. Allowing the Social Security fund to invest in other securities opens a huge number of potential problems and conflicts of interest.
  • What is your opinion on the Occupy Wall Street movement?
    I'm sympathetic to some of their demands, but perhaps there are better ways for them to get their point across.
  • Should federal fuel taxes be slightly increased (they have been the same since 1993) to avoid another catastrophe like the Minnesota bridge collapse of 2007?
    I don't see a problem with a small increase. We should be encouraging other forms of transportation, and on top of that our highways are woefully underfunded.
  • Will you wear an American flag lapel on your suit as you campaign?
    It baffles me how someone could be ashamed to display the American flag. It seems a little unpatriotic to me.
  • Should large banks like Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America be broken up to reduce the risk of another financial crisis?
    That's not the best solution for us to take. The last thing we need right now in the financial sector is some kind of arbitrary, destabilizing government action.
  • The most recent poll showed you slipping by a couple of percentage points. Are you planning on making any changes in your campaign to address this?
    I'm very concerned about these numbers. If they don't improve we might have to fire our campaign manager and start from scratch.
  • What is the best way to make college more affordable for young people?
    Student loans should be disbursed with regard to a student's major and grade point average. This would encourage students to choose productive majors and would decrease the debt burden for graduates later in life.
  • Is there too much regulation of the American logging industry?
    Current practices are much too permissive. Priceless old-growth forest has been almost completely destroyed, and we are headed into the future on an unsustainable trajectory.
  • What do you think the next steps should be in regards to Medicare?
    Medicare is a good program. We need to find some way of controlling costs and of more effectively managing care, but the overall program is sound.
  • What will be the overriding theme of your nomination speech at the Democratic Convention?
    I will give an honest speech about the challenges I was facing in 2009, what I did to address them, what I tried to do that was blocked by Republican obstructionism, and what jobs policies I will continue to push for in my second term.
  • Over half of all sexual harassment complaints filed in 2011 were dismissed -- an increase from previous years. Do you think enough is being done to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace?
    I'm very concerned about this issue. I would like to see our funding level increase for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, so that adequate resources are in place to pursue these claims.
  • What is your guiding foreign policy philosophy?
    Non-Intervention -- Most of our foreign troop deployments are relics of the Cold War. We need to stop occupying other nations and focus on fixing our problems here at home.
  • In the most general terms, what will be your overall campaign strategy against Romney?
    I will promise a fresh start in overcoming the gridlock in Washington. In my second term I will reach out to moderates and sensible Republicans to find common, pragmatic solutions to our most pressing issues.