Campaign Trail Results: Game #24098

This Game:

  • Year: 1968
  • Player Candidate: Richard Nixon
  • Running Mate: Spiro Agnew
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Hubert H. Humphrey38233,491,16645.63
---- Richard Nixon7927,862,61237.96
---- George Wallace7612,046,06916.41


  • Ohio:9
  • Florida:1
  • New York:1
  • Virginia:1


  • What is your opinion of Lyndon Johnson's new Medicare program?
    Medicare is the first step towards socialized medicine in this country. We need to end this program as soon as possible and return health care to the states and to the people.
  • Are you satisfied with this nation's economic performance over the previous five years?
    How can anyone be satisfied with the course our nation has taken? Inflation is killing the value of the dollar and the gold standard itself is at risk. Unemployment is highest under the Johnson Administration among the very people he claims to care about the most.
  • Are you satisfied with the progress of desegregation in this country since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
    I strongly support what we have done to end the insidious practice of segregation in the South. However I'm also alarmed at some of the ideas I've heard about forced integration of neighborhoods, or the proposed busing of students to distant schools.
  • Would you consider sending troops into Laos, Cambodia, or North Vietnam to more aggressively combat the flow of Communist troops into South Vietnam?
    I can't believe we haven't done this yet. How on earth are we supposed to win a war against an insidious enemy with one hand tied behind our back?
  • What do you think about the efforts of the AFL-CIO and other large unions? Do they have a positive effect on America?
    The AFL-CIO is a centerpiece of the great American bargain. Our economy can never thrive unless the people who work to keep it going thrive as well. I fully support the AFL-CIO.
  • Would you be willing to place increasing responsibility in the hands of South Vietnam for their own defense?
    I will withdraw American troops from Vietnam as soon as possible. The South Vietnamese should be capable of defending their own borders if they are as afraid of the Communist menace as they say they are.
  • Do you support opening a new dialogue with our Communist adversaries, such as the Soviet Union and China?
    I support a new era in U.S. - Communist relations. We have to be realistic and accept that Communism is here to stay, and work within that framework to find reasonable compromise in foreign affairs.
  • What is your stance on the Six-Day War that occurred last year, and how should Israel handle the new territories it has taken possession of?
    I fully support Israel's right to defend herself. However, I believe that these territories should be returned to the Arab states as a first step towards peace negotiations.
  • Are you concerned with some of the activist stances that Earl Warren has taken in his time with the Supreme Court?
    On the balance I would not appoint another justice like Mr. Warren. Desegregating our schools was one thing, but he has gone off the deep end on these issues like school prayer, Miranda rights, and other activist decisions.
  • Would you appoint federal judges who support the decision Engel v. Vitale outlawing mandatory school prayer?
    We have Catholics, Jews, and others in this country who should not be forced to pray in a certain way because of what some principal believes in a public school. This is a First Amendment issue in my opinion.
  • Did the Supreme Court overstep its bounds in Loving v. Virginia by declaring state miscegenation statutes unconstitutional?
    I'm not going to comment on a decision like this one. I certainly don't support miscegenation laws by any means, but I also think the Court has to be careful about overstepping the rights of the states.
  • What do you think of programs that require schools to use busing to achieve racial balance?
    I stand opposed to the legal segregation of our schools. Legal segregation promotes inferior education. I also think that busing promotes inferior education. My goal is to see every child in this country get a good education.
  • Do you think the Department of Housing and Urban Development, newly created by Lyndon Johnson, serves a useful purpose in American life?
    I will do my best to ensure that this program is managed soundly and does not become some kind of welfare program without accountability.
  • What is your opinion of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965? Is it a good idea to liberalize our immigration policy and to outlaw national origin quotas?
    We need to be vigilant on the amount of immigration that we allow, but I also agree that we shouldn't restrict the practice based on national origin. In a Cold War world, we need to be mindful of international perceptions.
  • Did you support Lyndon Johnson's 1965 intervention in the Dominican Republic?
    I wish we would have had the guts to intervene in Cuba the way we did in the Dominican Republic. I will do anything I can as President to prevent a Communist insurgency in Latin America.
  • What is your position on expanding the Clean Air Act of 1963? Do you believe that stricter enforcement against pollutants is necessary, or does the current law suffice?
    We need to find a balance between protecting the environment and protecting our economy. I support this Act but we also need to enforce it in a practical manner.
  • Do you support the Child Nutrition Act of 1966, which provides free breakfast and milk to qualified schoolchildren of impoverished backgrounds? Or do you believe that the program is too costly and constitutes a misuse of federal power?
    I don't think anyone opposes the idea of providing milk to our poor kids. My contention, however, is that the state and local governments are more in tune with their needs than some bureaucrats in Washington.
  • Would you consider a constitutional amendment to outlaw the birth control pill, given the Supreme Court's decisions on that issue?
    We have bigger priorities to deal with right now in America. I don't think that most Americans support or expect this kind of an initiative.
  • The unemployment rate is currently under 4%, in spite of the chaos that prevails in our nation. What will you do as president to keep unemployment low?
    The unemployment rate won't stay low for long if we continue to pass new regulations on housing, mining, and industrial concerns. I speak for the working man when I say that we need to get the federal government out of these areas.
  • What will be the overall theme of your campaign as you criss-cross the United States?
    I am the true conservative in this election. I support free enterprise, a hard line against Communism, and a devolution of responsibilities to the state governments.
  • What will be the thrust of your speech as you accept the Republican nomination in Miami?
    The actions of Lyndon Johnson since 1964 are exactly what Goldwater warned us about. The American people are ready to reconsider the message of true conservatism.
  • As Governor of California, Ronald Reagan will be crucial to your chances in that state. Can you reassure him that you are sufficiently conservative to warrant his enthusiasm after your battle for the Republican nomination?
    The Republican Party will always stand for free enterprise and common-sense solutions. I am conservative just the same as Ronald Reagan is.
  • Sources have indicated that Johnson is close to reaching a breakthrough in negotiations with the North Vietnamese, which could almost assure a Democratic win on Tuesday. An operative with connections to the South Vietnam government is willing to sabotage these negotiations with promises that you will offer a better deal when elected. Will you take a chance on this plan?
    This will guarantee victory for us if successful. Let's roll the dice.
  • Your Democratic counterpart has repeatedly challenged you to a debate. After your debacle against Kennedy in 1960, will you debate your opponent this time?
    We can't have the American people saying that I'm afraid to debate Hubert Humphrey. Let's do it.
  • What is your opinion of the military draft that is currently in place?
    We have had a draft in place for decades. I will not accept cowardice as an excuse among the young men of America.