Campaign Trail Results: Game #23931

This Game:

  • Year: 1968
  • Player Candidate: Hubert H. Humphrey
  • Running Mate: Fred Harris
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Hubert H. Humphrey25332,497,69544.32
---- Richard Nixon23931,025,43842.31
---- George Wallace459,808,51213.38


  • Oklahoma:7
  • Nevada:2
  • Florida:1
  • Ohio:1
  • Vermont:1


  • What is your overall position on the Vietnam War?
    We should stop bombing North Vietnam and attempt to negotiate a peace settlement. In the mean time, we should be putting our troops at risk only when absolutely necessary.
  • If elected, what will you do to get the student and Negro riots in this country under control?
    Our first priority is always to have strong law enforcement. We also need more spending on education, more integration in our schools, and more programs to ensure that blacks can advance in our society after the stain of segregation.
  • What is your opinion of Lyndon Johnson's new Medicare program?
    Medicare is only the beginning of what we need to do in this country. I support a national health care system for all Americans.
  • Are you satisfied with this nation's economic performance over the previous five years?
    Our current economic path is not sustainable. We need to continue the growth we have seen but we cannot allow this inflation we have to continue.
  • Are you satisfied with the progress of desegregation in this country since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
    We need to be very aggressive in fighting racism and its effects where they exist. I support programs such as busing, affirmative action, the new HUD department, and anything else that is necessary to integrate all regions of the United States.
  • Would you consider sending troops into Laos, Cambodia, or North Vietnam to more aggressively combat the flow of Communist troops into South Vietnam?
    I don't think that kind of escalation is wise. The last thing we need is a regional war. I would stick to our mission of defending South Vietnam and preventing the spread of Communism.
  • With all of the new programs that have implemented over the past five years, do you still believe there is room for the federal government to expand its responsibilities?
    We still need a national health care system. We still need a federal education system. Our work is never finished as long as poverty exists in the United States.
  • Some have proposed implementing an Environmental Protection Agency at the federal level to combat industrial pollution. Would you support this as President?
    This is something I whole-heartedly support. We have rivers that are unusable to humans, acid rain falling from the skies, and smog so thick in some cities that people can barely see.
  • Should Lyndon Johnson have been able to prevent the Tet Offensive?
    We should have had greater security in those places where we were attacked. Let us not forget, however, that this attack greatly hurt the Viet Cong and was a victory for the United States.
  • Would you be willing to place increasing responsibility in the hands of South Vietnam for their own defense?
    My goal is President will be to negotiate a comprehensive peace treaty between North and South Vietnam and end this war. That is the only real solution.
  • Are you concerned with some of the activist stances that Earl Warren has taken in his time with the Supreme Court?
    The Warren Court is the first Supreme Court in history which has had the guts to use constitutional law for the benefit of the common citizen. I will continue to appoint sound judges like Mr. Warren, Abe Fortas, and Thurgood Marshall.
  • What is your opinion on the legality of abortion? Would you attempt to legalize or prohibit this practice at the federal level?
    I support the right of women to control their reproductive destiny. This should be defended at the federal level.
  • Did the Supreme Court overstep its bounds in Loving v. Virginia by declaring state miscegenation statutes unconstitutional?
    I fully support the Supreme Court in this decision. I don't know how someone in 1968 can stand up and fight against two peoples' right to marry each other.
  • What do you think of programs that require schools to use busing to achieve racial balance?
    What good is a Court decision banning segregation if we don't actually do something to integrate our schools? People oppose busing because they oppose school integration, pure and simple.
  • Did you support Lyndon Johnson's 1965 intervention in the Dominican Republic?
    We have long supported right-wing government in the Dominican Republic, and we've now propped it up against the will of the people. We can't credibly claim to fight for democracy when we do things like this.
  • What do you think of the late Dr. Martin Luther King?
    We need to continue to fight for the legacy of Dr. King. The continuing poverty of the blacks in our cities and in the South is a sobering reminder of how much work is left to be done.
  • Do you support the Child Nutrition Act of 1966, which provides free breakfast and milk to qualified schoolchildren of impoverished backgrounds? Or do you believe that the program is too costly and constitutes a misuse of federal power?
    This is a sensible piece of legislation. I support it and I think that every decent American supports it too.
  • Can we all agree that the Black Panthers are a menace to the security of the United States?
    I support a fair shake for every American. I support programs that help black businesses. I support desegregation. I oppose groups like the Black Panthers that have contributed to the rioting and chaos that has swept the nation these past three years.
  • How would you prevent campus incidents like the takeover of Columbia University that occurred this past spring?
    How these students have not been expelled is beyond me. If Administrators want to be complicit in the degradation of a private university, that is their own business. However, I won't spend a dime of federal money on a school that coddles radical agitators.
  • Do you believe that President Johnson overstepped his bounds in negotiating the Kennedy Round of trade agreements? Do you support the liberalization of international trade under the GATT?
    I support the overall thrust of this policy. Foreign trade supports our Cold War allies, reduces the cost of goods in America, and supports a broader economic prosperity.
  • What is the overall theme of your campaign, remembering that the Democratic Party is underfunded and severely divided?
    I will reaffirm my support for the Great Society and pledge to do everything in my power to end the Vietnam War.
  • What will you say in your acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention in Chicago? Will you address the rioting outside and the legacy of Robert Kennedy?
    I will tactfully criticize the police overreaction and then pivot towards a promise to end the war in Vietnam.
  • Richard Nixon, perhaps remembering the debacle of 1960, has expressed little interest in a debate this election. Will you challenge him to one?
    This is a real opening for us. I will challenge Nixon on this issue relentlessly.
  • Lyndon Johnson, in his crude way, swears that he will slit your throat if you oppose his policies on Vietnam while campaigning. Will you risk his wrath and be your own man on the trail?
    Johnson is a deeply unpopular President. I don't think his threats are credible here. I will loudly call for peace in Vietnam.
  • On the weekend before the election, Lyndon Johnson's peace negotiations have collapsed with the North Vietnamese. Even worse, there are rumors that a Nixon operative has sabotaged the negotiations. Nixon swears to you on his honor that he is innocent. Will you make this an issue over the last two days of the campaign?
    This is bordering on treason. The American people deserve to hear about this.