Campaign Trail Results: Game #23743

This Game:

  • Year: 2012
  • Player Candidate: Barack Obama
  • Running Mate: Joe Biden
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Barack Obama30066,698,07151.70
---- Mitt Romney23861,179,74147.42
---- Gary Johnson0836,8200.65
---- Jill Stein0296,5580.23


  • North Carolina:5
  • Indiana:2
  • Missouri:2
  • Florida:1
  • Montana:1
  • Ohio:1


  • A recent Supreme Court decision affirmed an Arizona law allowing officers to check suspected illegal immigrants for proof of immigration status. Do you think this law is a good idea?
    This is an unconscionable violation of civil rights and will certainly lead to racial profiling.
  • To what extent should offshore drilling be permitted in the Gulf of Mexico?
    How can we be having this debate only two years after the Deepwater Horizon spill? Gulf Coast oil drilling should be severely restricted or banned.
  • What can the U.S. do to assist pro-democracy protestors in Russia?
    We should be making public appeals to Vladimir Putin, and consider trade sanctions if he does not relax the political environment there.
  • How long should U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan?
    I can't comment on that question without emboldening the enemy. I will consult with military leaders to determine our best course of action.
  • What is your position on gay marriage?
    Gay marriage should be protected at the federal level. The Defense of Marriage Act should be repealed.
  • Should military women serve in combat roles?
    What we have now is a good compromise. I don't see any need to change current military policy.
  • Do you support allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire for high-income households at the end of 2012?
    I support letting the cuts expire. It's time that wealthy Americans paid their fair share for the opportunities our society gives to them.
  • Will you launch an air campaign against Iranian nuclear sites if diplomatic negotiations continue to yield minimal results?
    This is a regime that has publicly stated its desire to 'wipe Israel off the map'. It would be suicidal to watch them develop a nuclear weapon without making some attempt to strike back.
  • Does it still make sense to provide military aid to Pakistan's government?
    Osama Bin Laden was living in a mansion that the government paid for with our money. It's time for this relationship to end.
  • Should all private insurance plans be required to cover contraceptives and birth control?
    This is a fundamental right for women. Birth control speaks to the heart of controlling one's own destiny in life, and using it has practical health benefits as well.
  • The Affordable Care Act (i.e. 'Obamacare') will cap annual premiums, require minimum coverage levels, and outlaw discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. What do you think?
    I'm convinced that this program will work. This is a good compromise allowing private insurers to conduct business, while securing access to health insurance for more Americans. If anything, the increased transparency will reduce insurance costs.
  • Would you support a Constitutional Amendment to overturn some provisions of the Citizens United ruling, affecting campaign finance by PAC's?
    This is one of the worst decisions in the history of the court. If they can't see that campaign finance regulation is entirely constitutional, then we do need to have an Amendment in place.
  • Apple's use of cheap, Chinese labor via Foxconn has increased the visibility of labor conditions in that country. Do you think that China competes unfairly with the U.S. by denying basic rights to its workers?
    The U.S.-China relationship has destroyed middle class jobs for close to three decades. We need drastic changes including more protection for American manufacturing.
  • Should the Social Security Trust Fund be purchasing U.S. Treasury bills? Should it be allowed to invest in other bonds and securities to potentially increase its rate of return? Or conversely, should the funds be held in a 'lockbox' to guarantee benefit payments?
    I think anyone who has managed money can tell you there is a place for U.S. Treasuries in any professional portfolio. Allowing the Social Security fund to invest in other securities opens a huge number of potential problems and conflicts of interest.
  • Are you satisfied with the provisions within the 2012 Federal Highway Bill that could salvage over two million jobs in the construction industry?
    Ideally we should be spending much more on our infrastructure. Doing so would increase overall employment and pave the way for future prosperity.
  • Should large banks like Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America be broken up to reduce the risk of another financial crisis?
    Too big to fail is too big to exist. It's pathetic just how much our representatives have allowed themselves to be bought by financial institutions.
  • Without divulging a preference for any particular religious group, do you believe that America was founded as a Christian nation?
    Thomas Jefferson himself rebuked this notion in his writings. Now over two hundred years later, religious fanatics are trying to bring this idea back. This is part of a dangerous, long-term agenda to turn the U.S. into a sectarian state.
  • What do you think the next steps should be in regards to Medicare?
    We must do whatever it takes to preserve Medicare. This program is one of the most important functions of the federal government.
  • Some on the left thought that you were not very vigorous in your opposition to the anti-union policies of Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. What do you have to say about this?
    I'm no fan of Scott Walker, but I thought the recall effort was taking things a step too far.
  • What will be the overriding theme of your nomination speech at the Democratic Convention?
    It's important for people to remember the truth about our opponents. I will emphasize how their plans will kill Medicare as we know it, do nothing to combat the sluggish economy, and will only make the rich richer.
  • Would you support an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution to protect women's rights?
    I think there are better and more practical steps we can take to ensure women's equality. Access to more affordable child care would be a good start, for instance.
  • Joe Biden made what can only be described as a gaffe on the campaign trail today. What are your comments?
    What can you say? We've all been out here for weeks with very little sleep. No one knows more about foreign policy than Joe Biden, so I'm sure it was just a slip of the tongue.
  • Be perfectly honest. How do you like Mitt Romney as a person?
    I wish Mitt all the best in life as soon as he loses this election. He seems like a great guy once you get away from all of this politicking.
  • What is your guiding foreign policy philosophy?
    American Exceptionalism -- Providence has given America to the world as an inspiration, and we must vigorously defend the ideals of peace and freedom wherever they may be threatened.
  • In the most general terms, what will be your overall campaign strategy against Romney?
    I will pledge a new commitment to liberalism and economic revival. Our social programs and unions need to be protected. In those areas where Republicans continue to stand in the way of progress, we will look for other ways to get things done.