Campaign Trail Results: Game #23592

This Game:

  • Year: 2012
  • Player Candidate: Barack Obama
  • Running Mate: Joe Biden
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Barack Obama37170,172,34854.09
---- Mitt Romney16758,441,44745.05
---- Gary Johnson0829,0240.64
---- Jill Stein0285,6270.22


  • Georgia:4
  • Indiana:4
  • Arizona:1
  • Missouri:1
  • Montana:1
  • North Carolina:1


  • A recent Supreme Court decision affirmed an Arizona law allowing officers to check suspected illegal immigrants for proof of immigration status. Do you think this law is a good idea?
    I don't want to comment on an issue that is best left to the voters of Arizona.
  • Should the United States have been so quick to drop its support for Hosni Mubarak in 2011, given recent events in Egypt?
    That's a great question. It's hard to speculate on what might have been, but it at time it seemed clear that Mubarak had to go.
  • In November 2011, Ohio voters rejected a law to limit collective bargaining power for public unions. Do public sector unions such as teachers' and police unions have too much bargaining power?
    Unions have been eviscerated by decades of outsourcing. Public unions are a necessary bulwark of the middle class and should have every right to bargain for fair wages and benefits.
  • What is your position on gay marriage?
    I think civil unions are an acceptable compromise for the majority of mainstream Americans.
  • Do you support allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire for high-income households at the end of 2012?
    Perhaps we can consider letting these expire at some point in the future, but for now we are mired in a stagnant economy and need to avoid tax increases.
  • Overall, are you satisfied with the trade relationship between the U.S. and China?
    The U.S.-China relationship has destroyed middle class jobs for close to three decades. We need drastic changes including more protection for American manufacturing.
  • What is your opinion on directing some Department of Education funding towards a school voucher program?
    In limited cases, such as those currently in place, there is a role for vouchers. But improving public education should be our primary focus.
  • Should all private insurance plans be required to cover contraceptives and birth control?
    Perhaps if someone really wants to object, there can be a process for them to obtain a religious exemption.
  • The Affordable Care Act (i.e. 'Obamacare') will cap annual premiums, require minimum coverage levels, and outlaw discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. What do you think?
    I'm convinced that this program will work. This is a good compromise allowing private insurers to conduct business, while securing access to health insurance for more Americans. If anything, the increased transparency will reduce insurance costs.
  • Should the DEA prosecute medicinal marijuana growers in states where that practice has been legalized?
    We might disagree with these laws, but it is the responsibility of the DEA to uphold them. I do think we can look into reducing the penalties, which should decrease the strain on our prisons and allow people a second chance to lead productive lives.
  • The maximum duration of unemployment insurance, with all extensions factored in, has been reduced from 99 weeks. Do you think this is appropriate in the current economic climate?
    This is entirely appropriate for an economy recovering from the worst recession since the 1930s. Additionally, there have been repeated jobs proposals in Congress, all of which have been sabotaged by Republican obstructionism.
  • Do you see any need for a United States Institute of Peace?
    This agency performs valuable research on how to avoid future conflicts. It will pay for itself many times over if it succeeds at that mission.
  • Apple's use of cheap, Chinese labor via Foxconn has increased the visibility of labor conditions in that country. Do you think that China competes unfairly with the U.S. by denying basic rights to its workers?
    Any trade deals should be negotiated with a fair balance between American and Chinese interests. China is not doing enough to protect the rights of their workers, which gives them an unfair advantage in global trade.
  • Should the Social Security Trust Fund be purchasing U.S. Treasury bills? Should it be allowed to invest in other bonds and securities to potentially increase its rate of return? Or conversely, should the funds be held in a 'lockbox' to guarantee benefit payments?
    I think anyone who has managed money can tell you there is a place for U.S. Treasuries in any professional portfolio. Allowing the Social Security fund to invest in other securities opens a huge number of potential problems and conflicts of interest.
  • The budget for the Department of Housing and Urban Development was cut by nearly $4 billion in 2012. Do you think subsidized housing for the poor is a good place to begin reducing the federal deficit?
    This is the wrong way to go about balancing the budget. I oppose these cuts.
  • Would you advocate cutting Peace Corps funding to help address the deficit?
    This is a valuable component of our international presence. We should maintain the funding we have in place, which is miniscule in proportion to our overall budget.
  • Will you wear an American flag lapel on your suit as you campaign?
    It baffles me how someone could be ashamed to display the American flag. It seems a little unpatriotic to me.
  • Should military spending be cut to help reduce the deficit? If so, by how much?
    Compared to our potential adversaries, we spend a colossal amount on our military infrastructure. Certainly any attempt to reduce our deficit should include a few cuts in the military.
  • After episodes such as the 'flash crash' in 2010, would you support a small financial transactions tax, with the sole purpose being to target high-frequency trading systems?
    Automated high-frequency trading serves no purpose in our financial system. Such trading houses are parasitic in nature and a financial transactions tax on them is entirely appropriate.
  • Your former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is currently engaged in a high-profile struggle with the Chicago Teachers Union. Do you hope that he succeeds?
    This is a local issue that Chicago needs to figure out. It's probably best for me not to comment on this.
  • Christina Romer -- formerly the Chairperson on your Council of Economic Advisors -- stated in 2009 that unemployment would be less than 6% by 2012 if the stimulus package was enacted. What went wrong, and did the results of the stimulus have any bearing on her resignation?
    First of all, this had no bearing on her decision to leave the Obama Administration. Secondly, the economy was in much worse shape in early 2009 than anyone realized. Since that time we have repeatedly tried to pass additional stimulus measures and have been thwarted by House Republicans at every opportunity.
  • What will be the overriding theme of your nomination speech at the Democratic Convention?
    I will give an honest speech about the challenges I was facing in 2009, what I did to address them, what I tried to do that was blocked by Republican obstructionism, and what jobs policies I will continue to push for in my second term.
  • The 2012 Federal Highway Bill that you signed bars the use of federal funds for red-light traffic cameras. Do you agree with this provision?
    Of course I agree with this. I am a little uncomfortable with using federal funds for those types of cameras.
  • What is your guiding foreign policy philosophy?
    American Exceptionalism -- Providence has given America to the world as an inspiration, and we must vigorously defend the ideals of peace and freedom wherever they may be threatened.
  • In the most general terms, what will be your overall campaign strategy against Romney?
    Behind the scenes my surrogates have plenty of dirt to spread about Romney and the Republicans. As President, I will stick to a message of optimism and hope in my own campaign speeches.