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Hall of Fame: 1916 - Woodrow Wilson - Impossible: #10

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  • Year: 1916
  • Player Candidate: Woodrow Wilson
  • Running Mate: Thomas R. Marshall
  • Difficulty Level: Impossible
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Woodrow Wilson2898,906,73647.91
---- Charles Evans Hughes2428,773,04547.19
---- Allan Benson/Other0673,6523.62
---- James Hanly0238,7761.28


  • New York:12


  • What will your position be on the women's suffrage question as your campaign this fall?
    I support the passage of a Constitutional amendment protecting the right of women to vote.
  • What themes will you emphasize as you accept the Democratic nomination and begin your campaign?
    Much as changed, but I stand as committed to the ideals of the New Freedom as I was in 1912. I will be circumspect about committing the country to further federal legislation, beyond that which we have achieved during my first term.
  • The Democratic Convention erupted into spontaneous cries of “He kept us out of war!” as you were nominated. Do you plan to campaign on this position, or will you add some nuance to it?
    I am proud to have kept this country out of war, and I will make every effort to do so if elected for a second term.
  • Do you plan to attack Charles Evans Hughes's stance on preparedness and war with Europe, and if so, how?
    We have taken extensive efforts to increase the military preparedness of the United States. For Mr. Hughes and others to insinuate otherwise is simply false.
  • As 1916 begins, you have a vacancy to fill on the Supreme Court. Advisors are recommending Louis Brandeis -- a choice that is sure to be controversial. What are your thoughts?
    I'm prepared to stand behind Louis Brandeis as a Court nominee. He has devoted his life to fighting for the common man against the business trusts of this nation.
  • How much do you plan to highlight the creation of the Federal Trade Commission as an accomplishment during this campaign?
    I hope to hit on the theme of reform and progressivism frequently during our campaign. This is a great chance to do that.
  • Theodore Roosevelt is hitting the campaign trail hard this fall. However, he continues to make bellicose speeches about the war in Europe. Will you attack Roosevelt and Hughes for this?
    Why Roosevelt continues to press such an unpopular point in his speeches is beyond me, but we will certainly waste no chance to attack him and Hughes on the issue.
  • The forces of Pancho Villa have killed over 30 Americans in separate incidents, and even launched a raid into New Mexico. How will you respond to this, as President?
    I will dispatch a military expedition into Mexico to apprehend Pancho Villa. The expedition will operate in any area where the Carranza government does not have control.
  • You have opposed a federal farm credit system in the past, but a Farm Loan Act is being pushed through Congress again this year. Will you support it this time?
    As I've thought of this issue more, I now believe it makes sense to support it. It will be politically expedient and morally correct to do so.
  • As September approaches, the nation is at serious risk of a national rail strike. What are your plans for dealing with this?
    I believe a fair course would be to press for legislation requiring an 8-hour workday for railroads, along with other compromises.
  • Will you sign the Revenue Act of 1916, which would increase the income tax and establish a Tariff Commission?
    I'm proud to sign this into law. I think the broad majority of Americans can stand behind its provisions.
  • How much do you plan to push back against Southern obstructionism on a federal child labor law?
    I want to campaign this fall on the passage of a child labor law. I will personally appeal to any recalcitrant Senators, to consider the electoral success of Democrats this fall.
  • Would you support American participation in a postwar League of Nations, if one were to be created after the current War?
    I support the traditional policy of non-interference in European affairs, as is best for our national interest.
  • What do you make of the Preparedness Day Parades which have sprung up across the country this summer?
    These are impressive demonstrations, but we shouldn't read too much into them when drafting our policy. The majority of Americans are against military involvement in Europe.
  • Do you support the level of preparedness established by the recent National Defense Act?
    We've taken moderate, sensible steps thus far. I support the mobilization of additional troops, along with other policies designed to maintain peace and deter aggression.
  • Do you have any statements to make about the Easter Rebellion which transpired earlier this year in Ireland?
    We should be calling on Great Britain to treat the perpetrators of this uprising with leniency, and to consider the relationship it has with Ireland.
  • Do you have a position to take on the calls for the prohibition of alcohol as you campaign this fall?
    It would not be wise, at this point, to make any statements supporting or opposing prohibition in our campaign. There are too many people on both sides of this issue.
  • Do you have any statements to make about the Federal Reserve Act, which established the Federal Reserve in 1913?
    Before this act, our country caromed from one financial panic to the next. The Federal Reserve is a tremendous step forward.
  • Do you have any statements to make about the Federal Trade Commission, established in 1914?
    The Federal Trade Commission is a necessary step forward for reform in this country.
  • Do you support the Clayton Antitrust Act which was recently passed? Do you believe that unions should be exempted from the antitrust regulations?
    I don't plan to give this act more than cursory mention as I campaign. There are better issues to focus on.
  • Would you support a law requiring new immigrants to pass a literacy test in English?
    I don't have strong feelings on this provision. If such a measure were passed by Congress I would sign it.
  • Do you support the temporary curtailment of American shipping in the Atlantic, in order to reduce the chances of German submarine attacks and the resulting consequences?
    It makes perfect sense to warn Americans of the dangers involved in such commerce, but it is not the place of the government to actively interfere in it.
  • Do you believe that certain groups in the United States, for their own narrow interests, are trying to undermine American diplomacy and the global order?
    This isn't a subject that I plan to address on the campaign trail.
  • Will you make any statements about the increased regulation of narcotics and stimulants such as a cocaine, which began with the 1914 Harrison Act?
    This is yet another positive example of progressive legislation that has been enacted over the previous few years.
  • Where will you travel to during your final days before the election?
    I would make our final campaign stops in New York.