Frequently Asked Questions

Note: This is up-to-date as of July 23, 2020.

For a long awhile, I was too busy to do very much with this website. However, I do have some free time opening up, and I do want to get the site up to date and potentially add more features and content. Below are the answers to some questions I have received over time.

When will you be adding a 2020 scenario to the Campaign Trail game?

This is high on my agenda. It takes a lot of time to create and calibrate a scenario, so this will likely come out sometime a few weeks before the election. Think late-September or early-October. This can also help ensure the scenario is as accurate as possible, by incorporating any events or polling changes over the next few months.

When will you be adding a scenario for 2004/1992/1980/etc. to the Campaign Trail?

I do want to add more scenarios. It is not easy to create a new one, but these three are high on my radar. For 1992 and 1980, I would likely add some kind of alternate event to make the game a bit more competitive (What if Perot didn't drop out? What if the hostages were released?), since these were interesting but not particularly close.

There are fewer questions about older elections, but in my ideal scenario, I would eventually add 1800, 1836, 1856, 1876, 1884, 1892, and 1936 (if Huey Long ran). But that is highly aspirational at this point.

Your Hall of Fame feature on the Campaign Trail doesn't work any more.

I have noticed this myself, and one improvement over the next few months will be diagnosing and fixing this.

Your Survive and Advance game doesn't work any more.

I have noticed this as well. I set up an algorithm to create new players, based on the attributes of winning players over time. I believe that this has gradually slowed the game down until it is completely unplayable. I want to fix this.

What other plans do you have?

There is some boring back-end work that needs to be done as well, such as updating older software packages and optimizing the hosting. I also want to occasionally post articles. I have been brainstorming the idea of a book recommendation tool as well, which could recommend book(s) based on a short quiz of personal interests.