Campaign Trail Results: Game #982300

This Game:

  • Year: 1948
  • Player Candidate: Harry Truman
  • Running Mate: Alben Barkley
  • Difficulty Level: Impossible
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
  • Game Played:
  • coelho4187
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Thomas Dewey43526,363,61254.09
---- Harry Truman9616,519,93733.89
---- Henry Wallace/Other05,855,60012.01
---- Strom Thurmond000.00


  • Missouri:2
  • California:1
  • Florida:1
  • Georgia:1
  • Indiana:1
  • Massachusetts:1
  • Michigan:1
  • Minnesota:1
  • New Mexico:1
  • North Carolina:1
  • Texas:1


  • A wave of strikes and economic turmoil has led to bipartisan support for a new labor law. The Taft-Hartley Act, limiting the power of labor unions, has been placed on your desk. Will you sign this bill or veto it?
    Sign it. Labor actions in the steel and coal industries nearly paralyzed our economy, and the public is fed up.
  • Is the House Un-American Activities Committee going too far in its attempts to root out Communist influence, or should it be doing more?
    I support the HUAC, although I do wish it could be a little more aggressive in its rooting out of Communist influence.
  • The Jewish state of Israel is set to declare its independence on May 15, 1948. Will your Administration recognize this new nation?
    We will not recognize Israel. There's no way we can divert resources from Europe to defend that nation, and we would be seriously jeopardizing our relations with oil-producing Arab states.
  • A young, liberal Senate candidate from Minnesota named Hubert Humphrey is pushing for a civil rights plank in the Democratic platform. You can either encourage this movement or nip it in the bud.
    Our chances are bad enough without instigating a Southern walkout from our convention. This kind of thing will have to wait until our position is a little stronger.
  • Do you stand by your decision to implement a loyalty program for employees of the federal government? Do you believe that Communist infiltration is a serious threat right now?
    I'm prepared to go even further on this issue. I will personally oversee a sweeping investigation of the State Department, Department of Defense, and other agencies which are prone to infiltration.
  • The Soviet Union has blocked West Berlin from receiving any supplies from Western Europe. What are your thoughts on this situation?
    It's not very practical to defend West Berlin, in its isolated location, if the Soviets continue to escalate. I'd prefer to focus on building our defenses in the rest of West Germany.
  • Is there anything you can say during your acceptance speech at the national convention to shake this race up?
    I'm going to eviscerate Henry Wallace and bring the so-called Progressive Party back into the fold. I support universal health care and civil rights just the same as they do, and they are running for vanity's sake alone if they support Wallace.
  • You are making a whistle-stop tour of the country to promote your candidacy. What region will you visit over the next two weeks?
    We're going to hit the West Coast, and especially California.
  • You are calling for a pretty far-reaching platform as you campaign, but the current Congress has refused to consider many of your proposals. How will things be different in your next term if you are elected?
    When I get elected, we're going to get a Democratic Congress with me. That's how it's done.
  • You are making a whistle-stop tour of the country to promote your candidacy. What region will you visit over the next two weeks?
    I'm going through the Plains and Mountain states. I could personally talk to a third of the voters in that region, as sparsely populated as it is.
  • You are making a whistle-stop tour of the country to promote your candidacy. What region will you visit over the next two weeks?
    We're going to hit the Midwest, from Ohio to Wisconsin and Iowa.
  • You are making a whistle-stop tour of the country to promote your candidacy. What region will you visit over the next two weeks?
    We're going up the Eastern Seaboard, from Maryland all the way to Connecticut.
  • Before you head to Missouri to spend the election day, is there one last place you want to hit on the campaign trail?
    Let's go back through Illinois and criss-cross that state.
  • What are your views on the expansion of Social Security?
    I've never been comfortable with the Social Security program, and I would like to see it rolled back.
  • Would you support an act that would allocate federal funds for the construction of low-income housing?
    I'm not comfortable with committing the federal government to the area of home construction, especially with all of the other responsibilities it has taken on over the past two decades.
  • What are your views on a federal health insurance program?
    We should not have the federal government involving itself in the health care business. Private enterprise has built an outstanding health care system and will continue to do so in the future.
  • Do you support the federal funding of primary education, and if so, in what form?
    I'm opposed to the provision of federal funds for primary education. It will inevitably lead to other forms of interference in what should be a state and local matter.
  • In general, what is your view on the providing of foreign aid to American allies?
    I support this kind of thing in limited cases where there is a clear threat. But I'm worried about some of the ill-defined, open ended commitments we are getting ourselves into with other countries, and with the United Nations.
  • What do you think about the proposed Constitutional Amendment to limit the President to two terms in office?
    I support this Amendment as a necessary step towards the political health of this nation. We need to, periodically, have a fresh point of view in government. Ours is not an imperial nation.
  • What are your views, in general, on the Marshall Plan?
    The Marshall Plan is a waste of resources, and will slow the development of Europe by forcing nations to rely on foreign subsidies, rather than rebuilding their own economies.
  • How will you reduce the inflation rate, currently around 10% annually, if you are elected President?
    We have already passed the Taft-Hartley Act and a modernized system of price supports for food, and their effect can clearly be seen in the drop in inflation since 1947. I'm confident this trend will continue.
  • What will you do to help resolve the severe housing shortage in this country?
    It has taken a couple of years after the end of the war, but I can already see that many new houses are being built by private developers to resolve this shortage, and I can only predict that this trend will continue without any special action by the government.
  • What are your thoughts on the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1948? Do you support federal farm programs in general?
    Maybe as a Great Depression measure, these price supports for farm products were necessary. But now, I cannot see a reason why farmers shouldn't have to make an honest living like everyone else.
  • How concerned are you about events in China? What would you do as President to support Chiang Kai-Shek?
    We need to be doing more to defend our ally in China. I believe that country is in very real danger of falling to the Communists if we don't step in somehow.
  • Do you advocate the international control of nuclear weapons under the United Nations?
    We need to be realistic. Would the Soviet Union do such a thing if they developed a nuclear bomb? I would never support this action.