Campaign Trail Results: Game #70024

This Game:

  • Year: 2000
  • Player Candidate: Ralph Nader
  • Running Mate: Winona LaDuke
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
  • Game Played:
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Al Gore42858,455,34755.26
---- George W. Bush11047,062,94344.49
---- Pat Buchanan0257,5080.24
---- Ralph Nader000.00


  • Colorado:2
  • Louisiana:2
  • Virginia:2
  • Florida:1
  • Indiana:1
  • Montana:1
  • Ohio:1
  • Tennessee:1
  • Wisconsin:1


  • Which of the following best describes your position on the $200 billion surplus that is projected for this year?
    We should enact tax cuts to return this money to the American people. My plan will reduce the burden for all Americans who currently pay income tax.
  • Which of the following best describes your position on education?
    I believe that we need to return control of education to the states and to the people. I would end the Department of Education as President.
  • Which of the following best describes your position on Social Security?
    The Social Security system is a financial time bomb. We need to get rid of it, or at the very least cut its benefits significantly.
  • What is your vision for the foreign policy of this country?
    I would focus on removing dictators like Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il from power. They threaten the stability of the world and perpetrate evil upon their people.
  • Do you have any thoughts on the Bill Clinton scandal that you would like to share?
    Bill Clinton was an embarrassment to the United States, and his impeachment was well-deserved. I believe that he should have been removed from office.
  • Do you believe that Elian Gonzalez should have been returned to Cuba?
    The law is the law. Elian belongs in Cuba with his father. These questions are never easy, but the Clinton Administration and Janet Reno did what they had to do.
  • Did you support Bill Clinton's actions leading to the bombing of Serbia?
    I support our actions in this theatre. For minimal cost we were able to stop a potential genocide and put a dictator to justice.
  • Do you have any plans to change American tax policy?
    We need huge tax cuts across the board. Corporate, personal, and capital gains taxes should be slashed. This will further expand the economy through increases in investment.
  • What are your thoughts on the USS Cole bombing, which has killed 17 American sailors. How should we prevent such incidents of terrorism in the future?
    I support a strong, overwhelming response against whoever perpetrated this attack. Any government that harbors such terrorists should be overthrown, even if it requires the commitment of American troops.
  • In Texas, a man named James Byrd was brutally murdered in what many call a hate crime. What is your opinion of federal hate crime legislation?
    A crime is a crime, no matter what the motive is. I do not support ideas that some victims should be held in higher regard than others.
  • Do you support additional gun control measures in this country? Can you give some specifics of what you want?
    I do not support new gun control laws. We need better enforcement of the existing laws we have. The Assault Weapons Ban should be allowed to expire.
  • Do you have any plans to help America's seniors better pay for vital prescription drugs?
    I don't think we need to make huge changes to a system that works for the majority of the people it is supposed to help.
  • What is your position on American trade policy? How do you feel about the World Trade Organization or NAFTA?
    Free trade is a bulwark of American prosperity. I support our efforts to protect and increase foreign trade.
  • Do you support the air strikes and sanctions that have been levied against Iraq, with the goal of weakening Saddam Hussein?
    I believe we haven't gone far enough on this issue. Saddam Hussein is a destabilizing leader, and he must be removed for the Middle East to truly prosper.
  • Do you have any plans to address or change immigration policy if elected President?
    We have almost 9 million illegal immigrants in this country. I support stronger enforcement of immigration laws to reduce this number.
  • What is your position on abortion?
    Over a million unborn children are killed every year in this country. We need judges who will overturn Roe v. Wade, or we need a Constitutional Amendment to end the practice of abortion.
  • Should low-income parents be able to use federal vouchers to send their children to private schools?
    I strongly support this idea and will work to implement it as President. All parents deserve to choose where their child will attend school.
  • Do you support proposals to expand oil drilling in Alaska, and specifically in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge?
    Absolutely. Anything we can do to work towards energy independence in this country is a positive step. Oil and coal are the foundation of any energy policy, and should be exploited as much as possible.
  • What do you think of Bill Clinton's recent action to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to reduce the costs of home heating, particularly in the northeast?
    Oil prices have spiked to nearly $40 a barrel. We need to help hard-working Americans in states like New Hampshire by making temporary allowances from our reserve.
  • Do you think that new regulations from Bill Clinton have unfairly hurt coal-producing states?
    Absolutely. This is just another example of meddling that harms the economy, hurts energy production, and puts hard-working Americans out of work.
  • What do you think of proposals to build a sophisticated missile defense system in Eastern Europe?
    This is a necessary step to protect our allies in Europe from current and future threats to their security. I will strongly support this as President.
  • What key points will you emphasize as you accept your party's nomination for President of the United States?
    The most important priority is to prevent the election of George W. Bush to President. I will not put my name on the ballot in any contested state. I expect that people in other places will see that a vote for me symbolizes a vote for a new kind of politics in the long term.
  • What is your overall strategy for the 2000 campaign?
    The best way to gather votes is to run up our totals in liberal states like New York, Massachusetts, and California. We will focus on these areas heavily.
  • Where will you make the final stop(s) of your campaign before the voting begins?
    I will hold massive rallies in New York and try to run up my vote total in the left-leaning, uncontested states of that region. People should not be afraid to vote for me.
  • It is November 2nd, only five days before the voting. News has just broken that George Bush was arrested for drunken driving in 1976. What is your response?
    This is the type of non-issue that is indicative of the broken American political system. George Bush was wrong for America before this news broke, and he is still wrong for America.