Campaign Trail Results: Game #663765

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  • Year: 2016
  • Player Candidate: Hillary Clinton
  • Running Mate: Cory Booker
  • Difficulty Level: Normal
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Hillary Clinton44874,235,33256.28
---- Donald Trump9053,638,69640.66
---- Gary Johnson02,936,1272.23
---- Jill Stein01,102,9190.84


  • Florida:12


  • What message will you emphasize as you accept your party's nomination for President of the United States?
    We've had a terrific President in Barack Obama for the last eight years. I will do everything in my power to defend his policies from attack.
  • Will you give Bernie Sanders a prime speaking slot at the Democratic Convention?
    This is only to be expected for the candidate who came in second place during our nomination process.
  • Barack Obama is looking to you for pointers on the content of his convention speech, to make sure it is congruent with your campaign strategy. What should he emphasize?
    Obama should focus on his accomplishments and the improving economy, and then on how I will uphold his policies and legacy as President.
  • To what extent will you attack Donald Trump for the rhetoric he has used about Mexicans, Muslims, women, and other groups?
    I am going to be pretty explicit in calling out the rhetoric and demagoguery of Donald Trump throughout this election.
  • To what extent will you attack Donald Trump for the controversy surrounding Trump University?
    I'm going to be making a reference to Trump University in almost every speech that I make.
  • What message will you emphasize about the political views of Donald Trump on economic and budget issues?
    Trump's prescriptions would devastate international trade, domestic investment, and most importantly, American employment. They would plunge us into a severe global recession.
  • Would you consider making a pledge to, if elected, serve a single term as President?
    I believe that nothing would better unite our party than a pledge like this. Perhaps it will help progressives to support me now, if they can plan on running their own candidate in 2020.
  • To what extent will you make an increase in the minimum wage a key part of your campaign? Do you stand by your commitment to $12/hour?
    Most Americans want to see an increase in the minimum wage, and I stand by my support for this measure.
  • Are you still opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Would you pursue further trade agreements as President?
    Let's wait a few years and see how things go before we consider the next steps.
  • To what extent will you support the presence of Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail?
    We'd be more than happy to see Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail this fall, if that's what he wants.
  • Donald Trump is attacking you almost daily on your 2002 vote in favor of the Iraq War. How do you plan to respond?
    Trump is lying if he says he opposed this war. There's no evidence or recorded statement of his opposition until well after the war began.
  • Do you stand by your position, voiced during the primaries, that you will not deport any illegal immigrant who has not otherwise committed a crime?
    I stand by that statement 100 percent. And I will push for immigration reform within my first 100 days as President.
  • Many left-wing groups are organizing huge protests at Donald Trump's rallies, some of which involve blocking traffic or forcing the cancellation of speeches. Do you have anything to say about these tactics?
    Donald Trump's words go against everything our nation stands for, but I don't think it's correct or helpful to disrupt his rallies or to shout epithets at his supporters.
  • In the wake of Trump's nomination, a number of prominent anti-Trump Republicans are organizing to cast votes for Libertarian Gary Johnson as a protest, with an emphasis on the Western states. What are your thoughts?
    It isn't my place to step into these kinds of disputes. I would hope that people see Hillary Clinton as the best candidate for President when they look at the ballot.
  • Do you plan to participate in the traditional three debates, between yourself and Donald Trump?
    Any chance we can get to expose Trump's complete lack of preparation for the Presidency is a win for us.
  • What was your rationale behind selecting Cory Booker as your running mate?
    Cory Booker is a bright, young, energetic man who will be perfectly ready to assume the Presidency from day one. He represents the best and brightest of the African-American community.
  • In a hearing today, a New York judge has set the trial date for the Trump University lawsuit to August of this year. Do you have any comment?
    I'm not surprised. Trump has been less than honest in any number of areas throughout his life.
  • At a Trump rally today, a deranged supporter fired at several protestors before he was tackled. Are these rallies getting out of hand?
    Repeatedly, Mr. Trump has refused to acknowledge the consequences of his divisive rhetoric, and events at his rallies continue to escalate. What will it take for him to acknowledge that he is responsible?
  • Do you support any type of comprehensive immigration reform, and if so, to what extent?
    I will push for comprehensive immigration reform within 100 days of taking office. This will bring security to millions of families and make it harder for companies to exploit foreign workers.
  • What measures should be taken to make college more affordable?
    I have a plan to spend $350 over the next 10 years to help those who need it the most, to attend college.
  • Where will you spend your final day of the campaign?
  • Donald Trump has said in a couple of speeches that, "we don't really know" who fathered Chelsea Clinton. Do you have any comment?
    Mr. Trump's attacks are grotesque and outrageous. I trust that Americans of all persuasions will vote this type of rhetoric down in November.
  • Donald Trump is regularly floating the accusation that Bill Clinton had a male child with an African-American hooker in Little Rock, and that both of you have conspired to bury the story. Do you have any comment?
    Mr. Trump's attacks are grotesque and outrageous. I trust that Americans of all persuasions will vote this type of rhetoric down in November.
  • Today, in a stump speech, Donald Trump said that, "women like Hillary, they can't handle power. It makes them crazy. We have to stop it." What is your reaction?
    Mr. Trump has proven over and over again how little respect he has for women in any capacity. This is yet another outrageous statement in that area.
  • To what extent will you attack Donald Trump for any number of statements he has made about women in his past, including in this election cycle?
    Mr. Trump's gross and outlandish rhetoric should disgust any decent, hard-working women in our society. We need to show that there is no place for this rhetoric.