Campaign Trail Results: Game #23513

This Game:

  • Year: 2012
  • Player Candidate: Mitt Romney
  • Running Mate: Paul Ryan
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
  • Game Played:
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Barack Obama51577,902,09460.19
---- Mitt Romney2349,985,77938.62
---- Gary Johnson01,158,0570.89
---- Jill Stein0388,5060.30


  • Ohio:4
  • Florida:1
  • Indiana:1
  • Montana:1
  • South Carolina:1
  • Utah:1
  • Virginia:1
  • West Virginia:1
  • Wisconsin:1


  • Should the government be doing more to stabilize home prices?
    The government has no business regulating the value of a home. We will never fully recover from this recession until prices are allowed to find their floor, and then start increasing through market forces.
  • A recent Supreme Court decision affirmed an Arizona law allowing officers to check suspected illegal immigrants for proof of immigration status. Do you think this law is a good idea?
    I don't want to comment on an issue that is best left to the voters of Arizona.
  • Does it make sense to dispose our nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain in Nevada?
    We have to put this waste somewhere. I understand the objections from some in Nevada, but where else are we supposed to store it?
  • Should the federal government continue to finance newer companies that attempt to develop alternative energy resources, such as solar power and electric car manufacturers?
    End subsidies for alternative energy companies -- and for oil companies as well.
  • In November 2011, Ohio voters rejected a law to limit collective bargaining power for public unions. Do public sector unions such as teachers' and police unions have too much bargaining power?
    I support the hardworking teachers and firefighters of Ohio and elsewhere.
  • Do you support a larger fence or even a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border to prevent illegal immigration?
    The border fence is inhumane. We should expand legal immigration instead of living in fear of Mexican culture.
  • There is currently a large amount of drug violence in Mexico near the U.S. border. What would you do as President to help stabilize this situation?
    Decriminalize drugs to reduce prices in the United States. This will undermine the cartels.
  • What is your position on gay marriage?
    Gay marriage should be protected at the federal level. The Defense of Marriage Act should be repealed.
  • Do you support allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire for high-income households at the end of 2012?
    Our most productive citizens need further tax cuts to stimulate business confidence, investment, and further job creation.
  • What do you think we should do next in regards to Social Security?
    The Social Security program has unfunded liabilities of over $100 trillion. It's time for us to admit that the Social Security program is bankrupt before it drags the rest of the federal government down with it.
  • The Affordable Care Act (i.e. 'Obamacare') will cap annual premiums, require minimum coverage levels, and outlaw discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. What do you think?
    This is the wrong way to reform the American health care system. We should be focusing on malpractice reform and on cutting red tape for private insurers.
  • Do you think the Death with Dignity Act in Oregon could be a model for broader federal legislation on the issue?
    A huge portion of our health care costs are accrued in the final few days of life. We need to overcome our prejudices and bring a more open mind to this issue.
  • Is it time for the federal government to cut spending, even with the economy growing at less than 2% annually?
    Absolutely not. If anything, we should be increasing the size of government right now to fight the stagnant economy. Had the size of the initial Stimulus Act in 2009 been sufficient, for instance, we wouldn't be having these problems now.
  • Would you advocate cutting Peace Corps funding to help address the deficit?
    The Peace Corps is a pointless department and it should be abolished.
  • How do you feel about capitalism and the free market?
    We need greater cooperation between government and corporations. I'm not opposed to government investments and even ownership of key industries, where appropriate.
  • How much attack advertising will your campaign use?
    If our opponent does that kind of thing, then we will certainly follow suit.
  • The most recent poll showed you slipping by a couple of percentage points. Are you planning on making any changes in your campaign to address this?
    We don't pay attention to things like polls and focus groups. We just go out every day and present our message to the American people. Everything else will take care of itself.
  • What is the best way to make college more affordable for young people?
    Get the government out of higher education. Federal guarantees for student loans plus exorbitant funding for student grants combine to guarantee massive inflation in this area.
  • If elected, what will you do to repeal Obamacare?
    Obamacare is settled law at this point, unfortunately. As President I will make sure that its programs are administered in the most efficient way possible, to give this program the best chance of success.
  • Can you clear up any confusion with the Republican base about your beliefs on global warming?
    I don't think it's unconservative to say that when a nation turns its back on science, that nation is destined to fail. Just look at what happened to the Arab world after the 1200s.
  • You are one of the wealthiest individuals to ever run for President. Does this make it harder for you to understand the concerns of the average American voter?
    Ann and I lived in a basement apartment and ate tuna fish. I wasn't rich until my success in business, which I make no apology for.
  • Scott Brown is currently fighting the good fight in the Massachusetts Senate race. Would you be open to offering him a position in your Administration if he falls short there?
    We like Scott right where he is -- in the U.S. Senate. I'm confident that's where he'll be in 2013 as well.
  • What will be the overriding theme of your nomination speech at the Republican Convention?
    I will address the long-term danger that liberalism has to create an ossified, uncreative society. I will also emphasize the danger to our individual and collective rights that is inherent Obama's philosophy.
  • What is your guiding foreign policy philosophy?
    American Exceptionalism -- Providence has given America to the world as an inspiration, and we must vigorously defend the ideals of peace and freedom wherever they may be threatened.
  • In the most general terms, what will be your overall campaign strategy against Obama?
    I will emphasize the conservatism of my views and my governing philosophy. I will remind the American people that I am strong on defense and that I'm pro-life, pro-free market, pro-business, and deeply religious.