Campaign Trail Results: Game #23511

This Game:

  • Year: 2012
  • Player Candidate: Mitt Romney
  • Running Mate: Marco Rubio
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
  • Game Played:
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Mitt Romney33467,398,61851.78
---- Barack Obama20461,618,08747.34
---- Gary Johnson0851,2080.65
---- Jill Stein0299,5770.23


  • New York:4
  • Florida:2
  • Pennsylvania:2
  • Illinois:1
  • Michigan:1
  • New Mexico:1
  • Virginia:1


  • What is your opinion on the detention center at Guantanamo Bay? Would you consider closing it after the election?
    It's a difficult issue, but given the dangerous nature of these detainees, the center should remain open.
  • Some observers have argued that an embargo of Cuba makes little sense in a post Cold War environment. What do you think?
    I absolutely agree. The embargo against Cuba is a disgrace.
  • Do you believe the federal government is doing enough to enforce laws against employing illegal immigrants?
    E-Verify is a good start, but too many companies don't use it. It should be mandatory for any employer hiring more than a few employees.
  • A recent Supreme Court decision affirmed an Arizona law allowing officers to check suspected illegal immigrants for proof of immigration status. Do you think this law is a good idea?
    The proper authority for enforcement rests with the federal government. This law goes further than federal laws and even if constitutional, should be repealed.
  • To what extent should offshore drilling be permitted in the Gulf of Mexico?
    The drilling we have in place now is sufficient. What the fiasco with BP proves is that as we reach further and further down for more marginal sources, we increase the risk of accidents.
  • Should the United States contribute funds to help stabilize the European Union's sovereign debt problems, in order to prevent a possible debt contagion?
    We need to focus on getting our own house in order, or we will soon find ourselves in their condition.
  • There is currently a large amount of drug violence in Mexico near the U.S. border. What would you do as President to help stabilize this situation?
    I hate to keep coming back to this, but we need a wall at the border and we need to greatly step up our enforcement efforts. Longer prison sentences and a stronger DEA will reduce drug trafficking.
  • How long should U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan?
    The U.S. presence should be scaled down to the minimum necessary to prevent a Taliban takeover. Hopefully we can withdraw all of our troops within a couple of years.
  • What is your position on gay marriage?
    Under no circumstances should the sacred institution of marriage be undermined. The Defense of Marriage Act was passed specifially to address this issue.
  • Do you support allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire for high-income households at the end of 2012?
    Perhaps we can consider letting these expire at some point in the future, but for now we are mired in a stagnant economy and need to avoid tax increases.
  • Do you support increased restrictions on handgun ownership?
    There should be increased safety requirements, and greater measures against illegal ownership by criminals. Sportsmen should be allowed to own handguns for personal use.
  • In general, do you think bilingual education programs are a good idea?
    For new immigrants who do not yet speak English, there is a need for some bilingual programs. However, there should be strict time limits on how long students may remain enrolled.
  • Should middle school students learn about contraception in health class, or will this simply encourage them to experiment?
    I'm going to defer to local administrators on that question. That's not something the President should be involved with.
  • The Affordable Care Act (i.e. 'Obamacare') will cap annual premiums, require minimum coverage levels, and outlaw discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. What do you think?
    This program will be a disaster. Not only is it an unconstitutional violation of personal freedom, but it will lead to a decline in American health care and will prove to be financially impossible to maintain without socializing the health care system.
  • Is it time for the federal government to cut spending, even with the economy growing at less than 2% annually?
    Yes it is. One of the biggest obstacles to private sector capital investment is the size and debt of the federal government. The current stagnation in the economy is evidence of this fact.
  • Should Angela Merkel be doing more to preserve to Euro as the European Union's common currency?
    The Euro is destined to fail. I can hardly blame Germany for losing patience with its less fiscally scrupulous neighbors.
  • Apple's use of cheap, Chinese labor via Foxconn has increased the visibility of labor conditions in that country. Do you think that China competes unfairly with the U.S. by denying basic rights to its workers?
    Any trade deals should be negotiated with a fair balance between American and Chinese interests. China is not doing enough to protect the rights of their workers, which gives them an unfair advantage in global trade.
  • Should American workers have the right to invest their Social Security withholdings in private accounts?
    If practical I would support a program that allows younger workers to invest a certain portion of their Social Security taxes into a different program.
  • Would you advocate cutting Peace Corps funding to help address the deficit?
    The Peace Corps is a pointless department and it should be abolished.
  • Will you wear an American flag lapel on your suit as you campaign?
    It baffles me how someone could be ashamed to display the American flag. It seems a little unpatriotic to me.
  • What actions do you support to mitigate the effects of climate change?
    Even if climate change is real, it's impossible to determine how much of it results from human action. It's just as possible that the earth is warming of its own accord, and it makes no sense to disrupt our economy and potentially cause a depression until we have more information.
  • Scott Brown is currently fighting the good fight in the Massachusetts Senate race. Would you be open to offering him a position in your Administration if he falls short there?
    We like Scott right where he is -- in the U.S. Senate. I'm confident that's where he'll be in 2013 as well.
  • What will be the overriding theme of your nomination speech at the Republican Convention?
    I will emphasize the point that the Republican Party has a big tent. We are the party for anyone who tries to work hard and get ahead in America.
  • What is your guiding foreign policy philosophy?
    Non-Intervention -- Most of our foreign troop deployments are relics of the Cold War. We need to stop occupying other nations and focus on fixing our problems here at home.
  • In the most general terms, what will be your overall campaign strategy against Obama?
    I will reach out to moderates and conservative Democrats and attempt to build an all-encompassing coalition. It's time that America had a true leader in charge.