Campaign Trail Results: Game #23331

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  • Year: 1896
  • Player Candidate: William Jennings Bryan
  • Running Mate: Horace Boies
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- William Jennings Bryan3077,226,80652.02
---- William McKinley1406,533,83347.03
---- John Palmer0131,0270.94


  • Which of the following most closely matches your overall campaign message?
    I am 100% committed to the coinage of silver. It's important however, that we strike a moderate tone on other issues to expand our appeal as widely as we can.
  • What do you have to say about William McKinley's campaign, at a high level?
    McKinley is a fanatical defender of an obsolete monetary system. He is a front-man for big business and the New York financiers.
  • Can you respond to rumors that you would seek to abolish the Supreme Court if elected, due to their recent decisions on the income tax and antitrust issues?
    This is an unfounded rumor that the McKinley campaign has disseminated to discredit my candidacy.
  • The novelty of a personal visit from the "Great Commoner" could probably swing the West Coast states in your direction. However, it will take two weeks to travel and return via train.
    Will you divert your attention from the Midwest long enough to visit California, Oregon, and Washington?

    Let us bring our message to the citizens of the Pacific Coast. Winning these three states could swing the entire election.
  • You have very little chance of winning New York this fall, and nearly all of that city's newspapers are anti-Bryan. That doesn't mean you couldn't draw a frenzied crowd in New York City.
    Perhaps the media attention would be beneficial in building excitement for your campaign on a national scale?

    Let's not waste our time in a hostile state. We must sow our seed upon the good earth where it will multiply.
  • You have alluded to the need for less prejudice between the races. Senator "Pitchfork" Ben Tillman, of South Carolina, privately seeks your clarification.
    Can you reassure him that the federal government will respect the rights of the states under your Administration?

    We will respect the rights of the states. I call for greater understanding, but certainly not for an overthrow of the natural order.
  • What do you think of leaving the Midwest for a week and making a circuit of the crucial upper South states? (i.e. Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky)
    We need to keep it simple. Our primary goal in this campaign is to win the critical states of Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.
  • Can you state your definitive position on the American monetary system?
    I support the free, unlimited coinage of silver at the current market price of 30-to-1 against gold. This ratio should be frequently adjusted to match actual prices in order to avoid another run on the Treasury's gold supply.
  • What is your definitive position on the tariff issue?
    Where we have mature, stable industries, tariffs can be lower. They should be high on most products.
  • The United States is in the midst of a financial calamity, with masses of unemployed men on the streets. What will you do to revive business in this country?
    The Democratic idea has been that if you legislate to make the masses prosperous, their prosperity will find its way up through every class which rests upon them. We need to help our farmers and our workers by allowing the coinage of silver.
  • Grover Cleveland sent federal troops to Illinois to end the Pullman Strike without the request of Governor Altgeld. Was this an overreach on his part?
    Bargaining for wages is the business of a man and his employer. Collective bargaining has no place in American society, and I commend Grover Cleveland for having the courage to act decisively.
  • What is your opinion on measures that would aim to restrict the sale or production of alcohol?
    Perhaps if our goal is to prevent drinking on Sunday, or public drunkenness, I am all for those measures. But a blanket temperance law is a different story.
  • Do you think that the calls for "free silver" represent a boondoggle for western mining interests? If such a program is put into place, regardless of your overall views on the silver question, should there be measures to make sure mining companies don't benefit disproportionately?
    I'm not going to answer this question. It's a shame that mining interests would put their own bank account above the good of America.
  • Does the success of the tin-plate industry within the U.S. prove that protectionism stimulates industry?
    There is nothing I'm more proud of from my time in Congress than creating the conditions that allowed for a booming tin industry to flourish within our borders.
  • What is your position on the struggle for independence in Cuba?
    As President, I will do whatever it takes to defend the sovereignty of the Cuban people from the tyrants of Spain. America remains resolute in the principles of the Monroe Doctrine.
  • The federal deficit has recently increased after two decades of steady decline. What are your thoughts on this?
    Overall the deficit is still low. Furthermore, if we allow the free coinage of silver the amount of our deficit will decrease commensurably as our currency inflates.
  • Would you support an Amendment to the Constitution allowing the people to vote for their Senators directly?
    The current system for selecting Senators is unimaginably corrupt. State legislatures have every incentive to select the most corrupt, retrograde candidate for the job.
  • Some people have suggested implementing a minimum wage, under which people may not be employed. Do you think this would help increase wages or would it simply put more men out of work?
    There are individuals in this country working for less than a dollar a day. Only through desperation would a man ever consent to such an arrangement.
  • Do you believe that America has a duty to civilize the lesser nations of the earth?
    Where possible, we should certainly allow other places in the world to benefit from a knowledge of our political and economic systems.
  • Do you support federal intervention in the southern sharecropping system to make it more equitable for the tenant farmer?
    This is properly handled at the state level. It is not the business of the federal government to intervene into southern agricultural practice.
  • Should corporations be permitted to hire private detectives for security, and to infiltrate into labor movements?
    This is another sad attempt to crush the spirit of the working man. It's difficult to distinguish between Pinkertons and vigilantes during some of these repression actions.
  • Should the federal government make an effort to build a canal through Nicaragua to more efficiently link trade in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?
    I envision an American canal, built by American workers, property of the American government, supporting the actions of a robust American Navy. I fully support these plans.
  • Do you support greater regulation on the sale and labeling of opium, cocaine, and morphine when used in patent medicines?
    I'm scared to take my own medicine sometimes for fear of what might be in there. Medicines should be clearly labeled with their ingredients, so that those who wish to avoid intoxicating substances can do so.
  • Is it generally appropriate for federal courts to issue injunctions against striking unions?
    The use of injunctions is a favored court tactic for union busting and it must stop. I support the right of striking workers to picket their workplace while on strike.
  • There is one week left until election day. Every state is important, but where will you give an extra push with your personal campaigning to swing the final results?
    Let's spend the entire week in Illinois. That is the largest state that we have a chance to win.