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  • Year: 1844
  • Player Candidate: Henry Clay
  • Running Mate: Millard Fillmore
  • Difficulty Level: Normal
  • Winner Take All Mode?: Yes
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CandidateElectoral VotesPopular VotesPop. Vote %
---- Henry Clay1591,300,22348.29
---- James K. Polk1161,271,78747.23
---- James Birney0120,5224.48
---- John Tyler000.00


  • Martin Van Buren, Democrat and President until 1841, will be making a tour of the country to visit various friends and political figures. Will you extend the invitation for him to stay at your estate for a few days?
    This would be a strictly personal invite. We are friends. And besides, it might blunt some opposition to my candidacy from New York.
  • What points will emphasize in your acceptance letter, as you accept the Whig nomination for President?
    I support the annexation of Texas, so long as the admission of that state is paired with the admission of a free state. I will briefly mention that my positions on other issues are well-known and remain the same.
  • What position will you take on the Texas annexation issue?
    This discussion has grown tiresome, but let me restate that I support the annexation of Texas.
  • There have recently been riots and armed clashes between nativists and Irish immigrants in Philadelphia and elsewhere. Do you have any plans to condemn the Irish violence in these episodes?
    It's best if we avoid making any statements on this issue.
  • Cassius Clay, your cousin, has published a letter stating you are in accord with the abolitionist movement. How will you respond to this?
    We must put out a letter, clarifying that we only support abolition if slaveholders can be fairly compensated, with reasonable notice, and if freed slaves can be recolonized to Africa.
  • There are a number of attacks which focus on your fondness for horse-racing, drinking, gambling, female conversation, and the like. Do you have a response to this?
    In anticipation of this attack, I've actually made some effort in the past year or so to scale back my amusements. I don't believe it is ever too late for a man to change their conduct.
  • Do you plan to make any attacks against the Liberty Party, a radical abolitionist group that is fielding a third party candidate?
    Any attacks we make will only publicize this group more. Let's stick to our own campaign in this case.
  • Do you still support the idea that the federal government should purchase the telegraph patent and manage the technology?
    Let's not make any divisive statements on this issue. The public is hardly clamoring for my opinion in any case.
  • Was there really a bargain (a “Corrupt Bargain” to many) between yourself and John Quincy Adams which elevated him to the Presidency in 1825?
    I don't know how many times a man can deny an unjust allegation before fatigue sets in.
  • Does it make sense to attack Northern Democrats as enablers and fellow travelers of the Southern slavery expansion?
    We should attack the Northern Democrats on their opposition to, or flip-flopping on, the issues of tariffs and internal improvements. They are on soft ground in that debate.
  • Is there something you can do to give the Southern Whigs political cover from the incessant attacks that they are in league with an anti-slavery party?
    I am as much in favor of the annexation of Texas as Mr. Polk is. To insinuate otherwise is nothing but dishonesty writ large.
  • What should your party's position be on the Tariff of 1842, which increased tariffs?
    We stand steadfast in support of this tariff. It is one of the few positive accomplishments of Mr. Tyler's so-called Presidency.
  • Do you believe that some revenue should be set aside from our tariffs to finance internal improvements, such as canals and roads?
    This is one of the key objectives of our current tariff policy, and I would support a strong infrastructure program as President.
  • What is your current position on the banking system?
    I stand for a national bank, broadly similar to the late Second Bank of the United States.
  • Do you support an Amendment that would limit the President to a single term in office?
    This is a necessary step against the overreach and abuse of power of the Executive branch.
  • Do you support the lifting of the Gag Rule in Congress?
    We have no plans to address the Gag Rule during our campaign.
  • Would you sign a law that lowered tariffs below the level needed to protect American industry from foreign imports?
    I would be forced to veto such a measure as President.
  • Do you support any changes to our current naturalization laws?
    Only some very minor changes, like increasing the waiting period before new citizens may vote.
  • Do you support any effort to establish a unified, national currency?
    I support a national bank, and one clear argument for the bank is the total chaos we've had with our currency since 1837.
  • Do you agree with Robert Walker's letter, arguing that that slavery issue will be diluted by national expansion?
    We won't address Mr. Walker's letter directly, but we are in favor of annexation.
  • After the unfortunate death of Abel Upshur in the Princeton explosion, John Calhoun succeeded him as Secretary of State. Was this a wise appointment by President Tyler?
    We don't have any plans to comment upon the Cabinet appointments of President Tyler.
  • Regardless of your personal feelings, would you sign an act which established an independent Treasury for the government's funds?
    The independent Treasury is a halfway measure, designed to cover for the disaster that was the war against the Second Bank of the United States.
  • What is your position on the Oregon boundary question?
    We need to be just as aggressive on this issue as we are anywhere else. “Fifty-four Forty or Fight!”
  • Do you have any criticism of the authorities in Illinois, regarding their failure to properly protect Joseph Smith before his assassination in June?
    This is not an issue that we plan to address in our campaign.
  • Is there a particular state where your party should concentrate its resources and most talented speakers as the election draws near?