Introduction to American History USA

What is "American History USA"?

This site offers a series of essays and explorations of American History. It is not an encyclopedia, nor is it meant to replace one. Rather, we aim to offer a diversity of viewpoints and subjects to augment a more formal study of our nation's past. The viewpoints we hope to attract range across the spectrum, and the subject of an essay can be anything from George Washington to the bums of skid row.

A note on sources

Most articles contain links to relevant reading material, which we encourage any interested reader to peruse in more detail. As essays, our content is not meant to hold up to academic standard, and points are not footnoted on a line-by-line basis. However, we do make every attempt to give the proper attribution, and we encourage debate on the issues in the comments section of each article.

As for photos, if you see a photo or visual image that you have the rights to, and feel that we have used it without attribution, we are happy to grant attribution or to remove the image entirely. It is difficult to tell where many images on the net originate from, but where there seems to be a clear determination, the image itself is set to link to the owner's site.

Conversely, if you see an image on this site that you enjoy, feel free to download it. We do not claim ownership to any images posted, unless otherwise noted.

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